What this website is all about

Our aim with this website is to help our readers locate the best medical practices to deal with when it comes to them getting help with their health over the internet and to avoid those practices with which there are problems.

The fact is, that, in this world as it is, organisations that are outright crooks are more likely to be successful than organisations with our aims

A prime example is Just Answer.

Just Answer is all over the internet, with incredibly high ratings, etc. etc. etc.

The facts are that when you seek help from Just Answer:-

(1) Before you can get any help, you are required to provide a small upfront deposit, like $2, and there are so many claims on the internet that the details provided in providing this are used to take money to which they are not entitled.

(2) When you seek help you are directed to someone of Just Answers’ choosing – you don’t get to choose who that someone is. No doubt Just Answer collects money from people on the basis of how many requests for help are referred to them, whether they are the best ones to provide the help requested or not.

When we say that they are “outright crooks” – the truth, of course, is that they are the smart ones. The way to make the most money is to do exactly what they’re doing. There’s no money to be made in what we’re doing.

The problem is that we, the people, just don’t care!!!


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