Using the internet to provide help and advice whenever we have medical problems.

The experience of one of the people we know, has strengthened our view that more and more people will have one or more websites that they turn to for help and advice whenever they have medical problems – before, after, or as well as, seeking face-to-face consultations.

He chose Hub.Health for no particular reason, to start learning about this.

After HubHealth had asked him 12 or 15 questions, he was informed that a particular time had been allocated, at 9 pm in the evening, in four days time??? when a doctor would phone him. The “in four days time,” was a bit of a shock – but it WAS the day before Christmas that he rang, so, presumably, it wouldn’t have been typical. As it turned out, they rang him a few hours earlier than that.

One of the things that concerned him was that he was hard of hearing, and was anxious to know how this might affect a phone consultation. That was soon answered – a phone consultation was impossible, which was also quickly recognised by HubHealth – but they just carried on and emailed him a full response in writing.

One of the things that he says had concerned him was that he might not end up with anything in writing. He said that he’d previously emailed about 10 websites asking whether, if he used ┬áthem for a consultation, he’d end up with anything in writing, and the answers had been indeterminate to say the least. But this was soon answered as to what would happen if he used HubHealth – he would get a full response in writing, regardless. (At least we know what happens if one is deaf – whether others would have to say they were deaf, whether they were deaf or not, is yet to be answered???)

He was provided with a prescription for a particular medication, which was to be forwarded to a particular pharmacy and we are waiting to see how this works out.

He was charged $35 for his advice and the prescription.

One of the things he says interests him – he says he had fairly recently spent 23 days in a government hospital, and during those 23 days he was not told once what was wrong with him, let alone provided with anything in writing. Perhaps, except in the case of a clear cut urgency, one should get as many opinions as they can BEFORE they go to hospital?

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, provide us with feed back. Our aim is to put together answers about every possible aspect of using the internet to get answers in relation to our health care, for ourselves and others. And most of these answers will, no doubt, come from our readers. And please feel free to email us with any questions you may have to which we may already have answers. You will never be charged a cent.

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