“The frequency problem”

As males get older many/most of them suffer from what is called “the frequency problem” – they have to get up two or three times a night to urinate, which obviously makes it harder to get a good night’s sleep. And an aspect of this which makes things worse, often much worse, is that, when they do get up to urinate, it often takes quite a while before the urine starts coming out, making it longer before they can get back to bed and to sleep again. In our experience, Urologists say that they don’t know why this – it seems to take a while before the brain starts working.

“The frequency problem” can come about because of either of two problems.

Either their bladder has got more muscular and therefore smaller from years of pumping their urine past partial blockages in their urinary tract, or some other way, and so it’s full again, sooner.

Or, more likely, their bladder is of a more normal size, but it’s got weaker from age, resulting in it not emptying itself properly during urination, and so it’s sooner before it’s full again.

So for those suffering from the frequency problem, it’s easy to know which of those two is their problem – get a doctor to tell them how big their bladder is.

Which it is is terribly important, because it’s clear cut. If the problem is the latter, nothing can be done. But if it’s the former, there are Urologists out there who will tell you it is, whether it is or not, and, on that basis, recommend all sorts of things, none of which help you in any way – are expensive, and in fact, can damage you for life. Just so they can make more money.

Which couldn’t be more true, as is illustrated by what one of our readers tells of his own experiences.

He was referred to Dr Andrew Brooks for help with this frequency problem, by a GP who he’d been using for some years and thought was quite good – Dr Chris Grant of Harris Park.

Sure enough, Dr Brooks told him his problem was that his bladder had got smaller from years of forcing his urine past partial blockages in his urinary tract, and the solution was for him to carry out surgery called a TURP, which removed these partial blockages, and that if this was done, his bladder would expand in it’s capacity and be back to normal with 4 to 6 months and he would no longer have the frequency problem.

And to confirm this diagnosis, he said he would have his nurse carry out tests, (at higher fees than a properly qualified urologist would have charged.) And sure enough, these tests indicated that his bladder was back to a reduced capacity of 2,ooo mls.

Our reader says he should have asked for copies of these tests, or perhaps he did, and was refused – about more later.

So our reader went ahead with the TURP – at a cost of more than $6,000!!! $3,200 for Brooks’ fee for less than an hour’s work, and the rest for hospital, etc. charges.

And he wasn’t helped a bit, or so our reader says. He says he continued to have the frequency problem. AND he was damaged for life, in that he no longer experienced the pleasure of his semen being ejected out of his penis during orgasms – it’s just pumped up into his bladder without any feeling.

We came across this recently on the internet – to say that retrograde ejaculation “generally doesn’t affect sexual pleasure,” is absolute rubbish! Those who have experienced it describe it as a disaster.

Some 5 months later, our reader saw another Urologist, and was told that his bladder was was now of a more normal size, the size at which, Brooks had said he wouldn’t have the frequency problem – but he still had it.

Back then Brooks had a normal email address, (he’s since taken it down, doesn’t have any email address that we could find, – if anyone, these days, just has a fax number, it’s enough to stop you dealing with them in any way,) but he didn’t respond to emails about any of this. In particular, he didn’t respond to 3 emails requesting copies of the results of his nurse’s tests on the capacity of our readers’ bladder, and when we sought the help of the NSW Privacy Commissioner to get these copies, to which he was entitled to by law, Brooks’ response was that he didn’t get the emails because his email address was set up so that emails from his patients were “weeded out” so he didn’t get them. Of the course, the completely and utterly useless Commissioner did nothing effective about this.

Surely this would tell you everything you’d want to know about Brooks – that his excuse for not responding to emails sent to him by patients, was that he said that email address was set up so that it “weeded out” emails from patients.

We can just imagine Brooks having a good old laugh about this, as he would have had over a number of aspects of this story.

The bottom line:- Underwent an operation under a full anaesthetic, which always has its risks. Spent two uncomfortable days in hospital. Out-of-pocket more than $6,000. Still had the frequency problem. His semen is no longer ejaculated through his penis, which is for life – it can’t be reversed.

Our reader says that, of course, he lodged a complaint about his treatment, with the Health Care Complaints Commission, but, as our readers would know, this Commission under Commissioner Sue Dawson, is completely corrupt, and, as expected, he was told he had nothing to complain about.

Various Politicians have been emailed – but they don’t care.

Perhaps we’ll send some more.

We can imagine that if our reader had been bashed up by a street thug, and, as a consequence, had suffered the injuries caused to our reader by Brooks, that he could be sent to gaol, perhaps for a number of years.

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