Seeking to help our families, friends, readers and ourselves

Over recent days, more and more doctors and other health care workers are setting themselves up in the business of providing health care assistance online. As a result, there are all sorts of practices online that we can deal with, when it comes to getting assistance with health care problems.

We not providing any healthcare ourselves. We don’t charge any fees – we have no need for money. We are just seeking to provide our families, our friends, our readers and ourselves with help in locating the best type of practices for their needs and the best practices to deal with. And if we come across people who my be able to provide more help than we can, we promise to let our readers know about them, for which again, there will never be any charges.

Practices can be those nearby which have GPs renewing basic prescriptions, right up to overseas practices and hospitals which have doctors offering advice on the most obscure medical problems.

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