Medmate – dealing with.

We have a very strong view, that if you’re looking for a person or organisation to deal with, unless an organisation or a person has an ordinary email address readily available, and emails sent using it elicit reasonable responses, that you should keep looking for a person or organisation that does. There are enough medical practices that fulfil this requirement for us not to be bothered with those that don’t.

Medmate doesn’t have an ordinary email address – just forms. We’ve had no success in filling in any of their forms to their satisfaction – we just kept being told we haven’t filled the form in properly.

Of course, what such organisations and people are all about is saving the expense of having people to answer any ordinary emails they might get.

Perhaps such people are hard to find?

Something that fascinates us about organisations like Medmate – that someone high up, perhaps even the CEO, obviously never goes through the exercise of finding out what it’s like for potential clients to start dealing with them. With organisations like MedMate, if they did, they’d get a shock.

We’re certainly continuing our searches for better organisations.

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