Infinitely more questions than answers.

The aim of this website is to answer all the questions we have – yours and ours – about caring for our health, using the internet.

At it’s most basic, it’s about how we can have consultations with General Practitioners about General Practioner issues, and get any prescriptions that they may issue filled as conveniently as possible.

But the possibility exists for us to have consultations with the best Specialists in the world, even though they may be on the other side of the world.

What this website will offer is accounts of how we and our readers have got on in trying out certain things ourselves.

To us, the most exciting thing is that it offers the possibility of even the littlest things in the world, about our health, being properly addressed, when we’re not going get around to taking the time and trouble to organise face-to-face consultations. Normally, the costs are not that great.

Of course, at present, we, ourselves, have infinitely more questions than answers.

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