FROM OUR RESEARCH, HubHealth offers consultations over the phone with Nurse Practitioners at a cost of $35. And then, if any medicines are prescribed, efficient delivery of these medicines to any address you might nominate. And for those who are hard of hearing, and perhaps for others, their advices are provided in writing.

And for those who prefer to deal with those practices who list their particular problems in a “What we Treat” section, HubHealth has a quite extensive lists of “What we Treat.”

But HubHealth is not for those who prefer dealing with Doctors – they offer no guarantees that any consultations will end up being with other than Nurse Practitioners.

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On their website, this is described as the first of “3 easy steps to help you.”

As we keep stressing, we are in the very early stages of creating this website – but, from our observations, this step was/is unusual. With most websites, it would appear that, at the commencement of a consultation, the person you are consulting knows nothing about you. This is not how it is with HubHealth – at the commencement of a consultation the person you are consulting knows a great deal about you, because you’ve answered a number of questions – in our case, about 15. Surely this would add to the likelihood that what the person you were consulting had to say was relevant and helpful?

Once we had answered all their questions, a time was set when one of their people would ring and a Telehealth consultation would begin.

In our case, we were not sure that a phone call would work, as we had been becoming more and more deaf lately. And sure enough, we couldn’t understand a word he said. But he just carried on regardless, providing us with a letter in writing. We are still considering the implications of this.

This is the letter we got.

Isn’t that what we all want? – advices in writing in response to our information?

One matter concerns us. It is set out in this email, sent, using their email form, before we found their ordinary email address.

Fri. 8 Jan. 2024 – an email received from HubHealth’s Tom confirming that a consultation with HubHeath could end up being with either a Doctor or a Nurse Practitioner depending on which came next.

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